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Android 7.1 feature spotlight: New Emojis

Android 7.1 feature spotlight: hundreds of new emojis implemented by Google

After releasing a series of new products including Pixel, Chromecast Ultra, Google Home, Google Wifi and Daydream View, Google released its latest update with hundreds of new emojis for gender equality, professions and more.

Profession emojis

On July 14th Google announced that 11 female professions were approved by the Unicode’s emoji subcommittee and would be part of Unicode 10.

Android 7.1 implements these 11 approved emojis and adds 5 more emojis: artists, judge, firefighter, astronaut and pilot.

emoji pillow(s)


Here is the full list of new emojis you can read and type in your device:

  1. Student, graduate
  2. Doctor, health worker
  3. Judge
  4. Teacher
  5. Cook, chef
  6. Farmer
  7. Factory worker
  8. Mechanic
  9. Scientist
  10. Business, office worker
  11. Painter, artist
  12. Technologist, software eng.
  13. Astronaut
  14. Pilot

All 16 emojis include both skin-color tones and well as gender variations.

poop emoji

Android 7.1 profession emojiAndroid 7.1 profession emoji

More emojis

People that have been using iOS 10 or WhatsApp beta version for Android may have seen the new gendered variations of existing emojis. The dancing woman gets a dancing man, the running boy gets a running girl and more. All of these variations are implemented now in Android 7.1.


Single Parent families

More to Android 7.1 are single parent families with 1 or 2 children.

Only 10 new emoiis here as there is no skin tone variants of them implemented.

 emoji slippers

Android 7.1 single parent emojis


Other emojis

  1. Rainbow flag
  2. Sign of female
  3. Sign of male
  4. Staff of Aesculapius

 android 7.1 rainbow flag emoji


Post by emojipillow (2016-11-08 11:13)

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